Mining Valuation Services.

Mining Valuation Services

Land or a property may have a higher value than just a flat real estate assessment – mining valuation services is an option if there are minerals or materials under the surface that may have value to the owner. The idea is that a parcel of land in the middle of nowhere might be home to deposits of one valuable mineral or another, just waiting to be utilized. The first step to making the most of these would be to contract for mining valuation services, preferably by a reliable company like Mineral Valuation Specialists. Our company specializes in surveying the land and making estimates based on geological data to outline what mineral deposits might be on the property, and in what concentrations.

Once someone has an idea of what values are in a property, MVS can also be called upon to conduct viability studies. These involve a complete study of the value and whether it would be feasible to mine those resources, along with the costs and expenses involved. Sometimes, even if there would be some profit, it isn’t financially feasible to sustain an operation in the long-term – something that isn’t easily realized without a thorough valuation study.

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