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Mineral Valuation Specialists

Mineral Valuation Specialists is a full service mineral, mining and business valuation and consulting firm specializing in mineral assets, commodities, properties and businesses. Our roots in mining appraisal, mineral appraisal, aggregates appraisal and consulting goes back over 50 years.

Our staff and associates include: mineral and business valuation specialists, geologists, production analysts, market analysts, CAD technicians, technical, research/support and administrative staff. In addition, our associates also perform real estate, machinery and equipment and special purpose appraisals.

Our clients include over 1,600 different financial institutions, mining companies, law firms, construction firms, governments, brokers, appraisers, consultants, investors, property owners and individuals.

Valuation Services
We perform a wide variety of mineral and mineral business valuation services, including the following:

  • Mineral Interest Valuations (undeveloped mineral sites, leases, landowners, owner-operator)
  • Mineral Business Valuations (value of mining business/operations)
  • Appraisal Review (review/critique mineral & business valuation reports)
  • Stock Valuations (Majority/Minority/Standard)
  • Plant & Equipment Valuations (via affiliates)
  • Real Estate Valuations (via affiliates)

Consulting Services
MVS’s consulting services span a range of services that typically compliment or derive from our valuation services.

  • Acquisition/Sale Consulting
  • Expert Opinions/Expert Witness Testimony
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility
  • Geological Research and Surveys
  • Geospatial, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Digital Mapping
  • Lease Management, Lease Due Diligence, Lease Consulting
  • Market Research, Market Surveys
Minerals Appraiser

What is a Minerals Appraiser?


Over 50 years experience in Mineral Appraisal and Consulting.

Time Devoted

100% of our time is devoted to mineral related services.


Compliant with USPAP, CIMVal and international mineral standards.


Reports prepared for many purposes, including acquisition, bank lending, condemnation, investment, litigation, taxes and others.

Minerals Experience

Over 75 types of minerals and related commodities.

Areas Served

Services provided in 48 States in the United States and 7 Provinces/Territories in Canada, and can provide services to other areas.

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Customer Inquiries

Actual Customer Inquiries:

"I need an appraisal of my mining company"
"We are seeking an appraisal of a mining company for lending purposes"
"Our firm represents a client who owns 11,000 acres of mineral property. "
"I am looking to sell my mineral property"

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